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news. >> thanks so much for joining us. here is brian now with the news edge at 11:00. money, lawsuit and classified information. the scandal now surrounding former cia director david petraeus is now getting bigger. president obama joins in. >> one general lost his career over this. now the career of another four- star general hinges on what he may have said in some e-mails to a woman at the center the sex scandal. >> the pentagon is investigating general john allen for hundreds of alleged inappropriate e-mails with jill kelley. she is the tampa socialite whose complaints about threatening e-mails drug erred the fbi investigation that led to the resignation of cia director david petraeus. turn out kelley was in communication with general allen, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. how did she know him? kelley volunteered to organize social events for senior
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officers at her home near mcdill air force base in tampa. the e-mails between general allen and kelley are said to be flirtatious and owe tensionally embarrassing but officials with knowledge of the e-mails say they were not sexually ex- police sit and did not offer any evidence of an affair. but, now, general allen's nomination to lead nato is in limbo. >> no one should leap to any conclusions here. general allen is doing an excellent job at isap and leading those forces. he certainly has my continued confidence to lead our forces and continue the fight. but his nomination has been put on hold as a prudent measure until we determine what the facts are. >> reporter: for the first time sin the scandal broke, president obama weighed in on general david petraeus. >> he served this country with great distinction in iraq, in afghanistan and as head of the cia. >> reporter: one lingering
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question has been whether nag that you will security was threatened much the army has now suspended paula broadwell's security clearance. she is david petraeus' biographer with whom he had an affair. >> i have no evidence at this point from what i have seen that classified information was disclosed that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security. >> reporter: also new today, we learned that david petraeus will testify before the house intelligence committee on friday about the deadly benghazi attack that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. it will be closed to the public. >> we are learning more about jill kelly and her it twin sister natalie. natalie kowam has local ties. general petraeus helped her during a custody fight. there are several reports that she is being sued in montgomery county for not paying legal fees. at for jill kelley, multiple reports are painting a trouble
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financial picture for her and her husband, including the lawsuit from the bank that owns their house, saying that he have not paid their mortgage in more than three years. and there are questions about a cancer charity they started together and dissolved. it raised 150 grand but records show that all that money were spent on things like entertain. and meals. >> what was that video we were watching there of the two sisters? looks like a reality show. >> sure does, something that you could not write, brian. >> thank you, will. general david petraeus' sex scandal is one of the topics that president obama touched on. he says that there is no evidence that national security was compromised. he also touched on the fiscal cliff and the attack in benghazi. he got emotional when addressing susan rice and the republican who is blasted her. >> for them to go after her who
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had nothing to do with benghazi and was doing a presentation on the information she received and beesmirch her reputation is outrageous. >> president obama says that same bass door's rice's remarks will not affect her possible nomination as secretary of state mitt romney held a conference state to explain why he lost the election. he said that the president was very loyal to democratic voters. the campaign focused on giving targeted groups big gift like college loan forgiveness and tree health care and child amnesty which appealed to hispanic voters. a developing story. sheriff deputies shot and killed a man while trying to serve a peace order. karen gray lose ton is live at the scene in east riverdale with the latest. >> reporter: sheriff deputies and really anybody in law enforcement knows that any day they show up be
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dangerous and that was the case here this evening in this block of 63rd avenue in riverdale. deputies were here to investigate the shooting involving one of their own the deputy, a ten-year vet rant force came to 6312 63rd avenue to serve a temporary peace order or civil protection. a spokesperson for the sheriff's office says that the deputy was blind sided once he got into the home. >> a female subject allowed the deputy entry into the home. while talking to the female subject, a male subject appeared in the rear of the home displaying a firearm. our deputy discharmed his weapon striking the suspect. the spu was transported to the home where he was pronounced dead. >> there are a lot unanswered questions. we don't know if the woman was
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a party to that peace order. we don't know if there were shots exchanged. we don't know what type of gun it was that the victim had. and officials here are not releasing the names of the dead man or the deputy. brian, back to you. >> karen gray houston tonight a new report criticizing verizon's response to the 911 failure following the storm. verizon failed to identify a problem with two of their backup generators and they didn't respond to the problems sufficiently. verizon responded to reports saying that we have resolved the causes of the generator failures and have improved our procedures to improve power issues and get backup generators more quickly in crises. another assessment is causing an uproar on the gw campus. the university has been taken off the list of best colleges. fox 5's bob banner is here to explain. >> the unfortunate admits it was making a mistake, using bad math to calculate the high
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school math ranking of its incoming freshman which the magazine uses to help rank the nation's best colleges. >> reporter: on gw's foggy bottom campus, students were coming up to us asking if the university's ranking scandal was what we were here to talk about? >> i think it's upsetting because its a deseeing. >> it's decade long mistake in the methodology. that is a little bit disconcerting. i don't think i will be enrolling into any statistics classes here any time soon. >> reporter: jiews news and world report released its am ranking of the nation's colleges, placing gw 51st on that prestigious list but after university officials recently told the magazine it was overreporting by 20% the number of freshman rend in the top 10% of their high school classes, u.s. news wiped gw off the list. >> it's embarrassing that the admission staff did mess up a lot. i looked at the percentages. it they said it was 78 and it
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was actually 58. that's not a little mistake. that's a lot. >> reporter: this unranked status will last until next fall's publication of the 2014 edition the best colleges rankings and until george washington confirms the accuracy of the school's next data submission in accordance with u.s. news' requirements. >> there are some students who are ex-streamly upset and hurt and feeling that they were deceived. that's the perfect word because it's over facebook. >> gw president says that we regret the error and have put safe guard in place to prevent such errors from occurring in the future. >> i'm skeptical because i was reading the article and they were saying, they had no idea but i was reading like the numbers have been foxed for ten years. that's a long time to have no idea. >> reporter: what about the facebook postings jamie was referring no here are a few.
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hugo schechter says, can we have our $50,000 a year back then? and this makes me regret my decision to go to gw more. but one writes, the size of reputation of the use is being used as an example of others because, now, no one will fess up. >> a gw spokesman said that the error made was in estimating the class rankings of incoming freshmen who went to high schools that don't rank their students. brian? >> if you are looking for a job in maryland, you are in luck. how the maryland gambling law is already bringing in new jobs. a dancer takes a terrifying fall in front of thousands. we'll have anone an update on her next. 
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an nba dancer is recovering after falling head first on the court. jamie slip fell from her partner's shoulder. she landed on her head. pair ned medics rush the her off on a stretch ear and she was able to wave to the crowd. she broke two vertebra and a
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rib. but she will be okay. >> tornadoes are rare in japan and these disindependent grated before they hit land. no one was hurt and there were no reports of any damage. some local tolls are about to rise and virginia officials are making plans for the winter. shaun yancy has the top 5. an automaker is recalling some cars. toyota is reporting some problems with steering and water pump. 40 models are included including second generation pry justs. there have been no reports of accidents or injuries. number 4 is alarming. half of the people estimated to have diabetes have not even been diagnosed yet. the international diabetes federation estimates 187 million people don't know they have the disease. diabetes is linked to obesity and a lack of exercise. number 3, virginia's
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department of transportation is ready for old man winter. the state has 4000 trucks and plow this is year compared to just 2000 a year ago. vdot has a brand new mobile weather station that can tell officials how slick the roads are. >> number 2, need a job? maryland's casino plans to nearly double the work force. a company plans to hire 400 more workers now that voters approved the table games. the company hopes to have the games up and running next spring. and it is going to cost you more to drive on the dulles toll road. the med poll tan washington airport authorities voted to raise rates in 2013. that extra money will help pay for the phase 2 of the metro rail extension to dulles airport. >> brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top 5. turn on the heat. you're going to need it tonight. >> i have good news for you. >> yep. >> snow shoe e-mailed us saying
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they're going to open early, next wednesday. i'm not sure how many trails they'll have open but they have so muchsnow since sandy was there this is the second time that they have been able to open so early in the last ten years. >> i know a lot of areas were disaster areas. >> people could not get out there. >> things seem to have been restored and snow shoe wants to capitalize. may keep your furnace a little busy tonight >> it's quite chilly out there no wind. that means that temperatures can get even a little bit cooler. we had a couple of spots already down into the upper 20s last hour. so let's check and see where we stand right now in terms of where the temperatures are and where the nation is in terms of this cold air. we are starting with high temperatures today. d.c. with 49. buffalo 40. boston 45 degrees. you get out towards chicago, they were at 45 as well. not a lot of warm air. we have a few shots that are
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warmer than normal but not nearly at many as we saw last week. tampa at 67 degrees. phoenix at 882. most of the country starting to trpped down into a cooler and also very quiet weather pattern for the time being. here is where temperatures stand at this hour. still 28 degrees at manassas. we have not dropped too much there. frederick, you have, though, down to 28 degrees. gait thusburg at 30, winchester at 30. i don't think it's going to get too much colder than this because we did have a deck of clouds coming in. that should protect us from getting too much older. you can see from the northwest, 32, down in south raleigh, 41. now, these are not the biggest clouds that we have seen and i don't believe they'll produce any kind of precipitation. they might be up there to protect some of these areas from getting colder. watching the beginning of the storm system that will move over to the coast. i know you hear the word coastal and you think, what's up with that? this is harmless for us and it
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is blocked by high pressure. so that won't do too much except sending some high clouds in our area. fairly set across the nation a little bit of light moisture here in the middle part of the country but nothing that is going to make anybody have any difficult travel plans, say, even into the end of the week or the weekend. tonight, we are dropping to 36 degrees in the city. we have known many places already below 32 degrees in the suburb. definitely a cold start tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, almost the same opportunities we had today. 49 degrees. the only different is not quite as sunny for part of the day. we had some clouds that will be coming on through and the northeast winds will have to build autopsy little bit of cloud cover as we. a chilly start at 8:00 in the morning. 48 degrees. by noon, climbing to 46 degrees with a mix of clouds and sun and we keep that going into 4:00 with the temperature of 49 degrees. still trying to kept showers
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off the coast tomorrow. it will do a good job and then high pressure slides into place for our friday to give us a lot of sunshine. into the weekend, here is another coastal that developed, not the one tomorrow but a second one that will develop. we'll site it down in the aim region saturday and sunday. might get closer, might be stronger. we think it will probably affect eastern suburbs especially but we'll keep a chance of showers in here on sundays. spotty, maybe a few showers but saturday will be the drier day this weekend. the best chance of seeing those showers on sunday and into monday will be east of d.c. your fox 5 accu weather forecast, chilly tomorrow. a little bit of a rebound friday and sat day spotty showers in the forecast for saturday and sunday. if the high pressure increases, that may take some precipitations out to sea and
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then we'll increase the temperatures. dry for the big road trip. >> let's send it to scott for a sports report. >> this is the verizon sport desk with scott smith. >> has been a frustrating it three weeks for coach randy whitman. after losing last night, he questioned whether his team grasped the game. they fired 32 three's. they hope to find their touch in the big d. but they judge fall into a big hole. the wiz awed' largest deficit of the season, down by 22 point at one point but interestingly enough come back and make it interesting. the game's final minute, martin and kevin sears combined for the final 26 point of the game. martin a perfect 42 for 4 from 3 point range. the too many again fired an
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insane. of 3's. chris cayman get the bucket and foul. 107-101 the final. they host utah on saturday journell was without forward at yo forward. he is expected to return monday against u.c.l.a. hoyas fell behind 4-0 early and then flipped the switch, going on a 17-0 run. greg wittington with the strip. then the return pass. he slams his bucket home. the 6'2" sophomore to nick lubic for the jam. he had 13 points. hoyas cruising at the break. hoyas on the rebound and they take off running. jarrel troutwig with the lane. georgetown holds on to defeat
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liberty, 68-69. next up, u.c.l.a. on monteau ten days since the redskins last played a football game. their record has not changed but their optimism certainly has. the redskins' new found hope in the postseason, coming up. when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. d'angelo hall's spat with the official cost the corner
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back $30,000. from toe to toe, pierre gargon is feeling betterment and robert griffin iii has been vote the cocaptain. he that i had that he cleared his head. he would not say where he spent his bye week. he said he cleared his head. he was not afraid to mention the p word, playoff. that's one game at a time. we have to look in front. what am i saying? i think playoffs are a realistic goal for us. i don't think that there is a guy that don't believe that. >> all football teams do, regardless of what your record is. you want to play well. our focus is on one game and that's philly. let's play the best football and concentrate on one game and do it that way, the old fashioned way. the skins get set to tangle
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with a sinking eagles. rookie nick foles will be set to start. he has a strong arm and cool head. >> you know, they think that the kid can make any throw. it's not like you are going out there against a guy who can't throw the ball at all. we'll go out there and treat him like he is an nfl quarterback. that's great. it will be nice not to have to rory about mike runs the routes. >> mets r. a. dickey claimed 27 of 73 first place votes to claim the sigh young award over nats' gio gonzalez.
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where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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how far would you go to show your love for your political party by getting a tattoo on your face? at least love for money. an anonymous republican paider hart $10,000 to show his love for romney. you shed blood for the party. people said, yeah. if romney wins, i'll get your face tattooed on my putt. >> didn't happen. romney lost the election. he says he does not regret the tattoo and has no plan to
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remove it. and that's the news edge. see you back here tomorrow.   

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